Is LED lighting the future?

Is LED lighting the future?

Is LED lighting the future?

Light or brightness is always symbolic of positivity and prosperity which is why it’s always interesting to talk about light. Imagine a world without light. Life would have been so difficult had we no source of light in here. By now brightness has become the right of every citizen of the world for nobody wants to be in the dark.We can very well visualizeas how inconvenient life would be without lights. In fact most of the celebration in India takes a great deal of light works as a part of decoration. Diwali is regarded as the festival of lights. In many parts of the world darkness is considered to be a sign of evil and brightness – the sign of positive energy. Now a days every house has proper lighting and a house is not considered complete without proper lighting. However, there’s still a widespread inequality in terms of income in India and in fact there are people of certain villages who can still not afford to buy bulbsfor their houses and carry on helplessly with traditional lanterns. The Indian Government spends a lot of money every year in ensuring that every streets have proper lighting for the convenience of the pedestrians at night.

With the recent increase in crime against women, the Indian government is emphasizing even further to increase the number of street lights in every Indian streets.The development of LED bulb lighting is a recent concept but considering the current conditions of rural India, it’s the best choice the Indian government can have towardseconomic growth of the nation and on top of that everyone can easily afford them as they are much cheaper than the common bulbs. The most incredible thing about these bulbs are the fact they consume less electricity which cuts down the government expenditure to  large extent and this saving could be used for further development of the nation. LED lighting is definitely the future of lighting in India as they have a whole lot of benefits and one of them being the fact that these Led lighting companies in india providing bulbs don’t have any health hazards unlike the common bulbs which can be pretty unhealthy for the eyes at times.

The LED bulb being in an affordable range is quite a saleable product and it’s a great initiative in the part of the manufacturers towards saving of electricity which in turn would help the government in providing many more villages with proper electricity.This with subsequently accelerates the pace of growth of many other sectors in India for sure and at the same time provides the households with more room for saving. Using LED lighting we can also save a lot of expenditure during the Indian festivals for two important reasons. One is because of the low cost of LED lighting compared to the cost of conventional lighting and another is because of the fact that LED lighting will consume less electricity and cut down the expenditure to a large extent.


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